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Teachers say they need more than curricular guidance

Teachers say they need more than curricular guidance

Today sees the first meeting of the Scottish Government's international panel of advisers on education, with the ears of star educationalists such as Australian Professor Alma Harris and Finnish guru Dr Pasi Sahlberg being bent to advise on policy strategy going forward.

But the celebrity status has been upstaged somewhat this week by a short advice note issued by John Swinney to teachers to advise on how they might cut their workload. 


John Swinney inherited a fragile relationship with Scotland's teachers

Secondary school teaching union to vote on industrial action

While simplified curricular guidance will be welcomed by teachers, the ones I have spoken to have been underwhelmed at best by the effort. 

At worst, it looks like teachers are being asked to shoulder the burden of putting things right, they tell me, and not for the first time. 

When looking at the ballots put to members of the teaching unions, who still look set to strike over the issue, the perceived lack of support from the Scottish Qualifications Authority is a common theme. 

To win back the support of teachers, Swinney may well have to be seen to be tougher on the causes of the heavy workload, as much as helping teachers deal with it. 

The strained relationship, to be fair, is one he inherited, and he does say more changes are on the way...

I took a look at the journey to this point for our annual review, read it here.

Pic: Marking pile - credit Tobias von der Haar



Stay in the know with our fortnightly magazine

Stay in the know with our fortnightly magazine


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