Women in Scottish politics: travelling the distance?

24 May 2017

Dr Meryl Kenny on another missed opportunity to achieve equal representation in Scottish politics

There should not be a ban on smacking in Scotland

24 May 2017

The relationship between a parent and child is unique and the state should not interfere in normal parenting decisions

Tech 100: ‘Digital is becoming an economy in itself’

23 May 2017

Simon Haston, head of IT and transformation for Aberdeen City Council, on shift from opportunity to delivery

Childhood practitioners can deliver a significant impact on early years

22 May 2017

Those learning new childhood practice qualifications can deliver of Curriculum for Excellence and need solidarity from teachers, writes Dr. Cara Blaisdell 

Labour in Scotland is still gripped by the past

19 May 2017

Labour has failed to adapt to the new realities of a more confident and questioning Scotland and a declining and disunited kingdom

The time to act on poverty is now

19 May 2017

As the Holyrood baby, Kirsty, turns one, there are 40,000 more children in poverty than when she was born

Parents need more engagement in education – report

24 May 2017

Review of parental involvement legislation praises work to engage parents in the children's education but the SPTC warns a 'significant re-think' needed

Amber Rudd: US intelligence leak of Manchester attacker identity 'irritating'

24 May 2017

The Home Secretary said she had made it “perfectly clear” that such a leak should never happen again

UK Threat level raised to 'critical'

24 May 2017

Theresa May sends troops onto the streets amid warnings another attack could be 'imminent'

Friends of the Earth Scotland "minded to support an independent Scotland" after Brexit

19 May 2017

EXCLUSIVE:  FoE Scotland inclined to support Scottish independence, subject to assurances on issues such as an independent Scotland’s relationship with the EU and the future of nuclear weapons

Scottish Government introduces emergency MPA in Loch Carron

19 May 2017

Divers recently discovered extensive damage to the flame shell reef in Loch Carron after the water was dredged twice by scallop fishermen in April

Jobs for the girls: women and equality in the workplace in Scotland

25 May 2017

The Mays’ references to gender-based jobs around the home may have been widely mocked, but segregation still exists in the workplace

Conservative immigration plans 'could shrink economy'

24 May 2017

Tory plans to slash immigration would lead to rise in government borrowing, warns think tank