Joining up the dots: Interview with Robbie Pearson

8 July 2019

Healthcare Improvement Scotland has been on a journey over the past few years. But what’s next for the organisation?

Tech for good: could Scotland become a leader in ethical digital technology?

4 July 2019

While Scotland’s public sector continues to struggle with big IT projects, the private sector is flourishing, but ethics need to be built in

More empowerment of councils is needed to tackle poverty

2 July 2019

Top-down policymaking and a focus on crisis management rather than prevention is hampering Scotland’s ability to tackle poverty, says Councillor Chris McEleny

Could do better: the SNP's failures in education look likely to turn into its toxic legacy

2 July 2019

While botched Brexit and turbo austerity will be the Tories’ toxic legacy from this current period, lost learning looks to be the SNP’s

As the Tory leadership contest moves forward, the democratic deficit feels starker than ever

30 June 2019

What tartan-covered, shortbread-tin image of Scotland do these privately educated, multi-millionaire, Oxford graduate, metropolitan elites really have of Scotland? 

Cross-party call for "radical action" on drug deaths

17 July 2019

The MSPs are calling on the UK and Scottish governments to "examine all options", including decriminalisation

Death from drugs reaches highest ever level

16 July 2019

The number of people dying from drug related deaths in Scotland has reached a record high

New funding for North Sea decommissioning

16 July 2019

Paul Wheelhouse said: “This fund will support innovation in the supply chain, further cost reduction and improve the recognised skills of the Scottish workforce, which is why it has proved so popular with businesses.”

Fish stocks "at risk" from illegal disgarding, Lords warn

16 July 2019

A House of Lords committee has found that neither the UK nor Scottish governments have any idea how much fish is srill being illegally dumped overboard.

Scottish income tax raises £941m less than expected

18 July 2019

New figures from HMRC show that the Scottish Government raised almost £1bn less than expected in the first year of newly devolved tax powers