Sketch: Brexit, plots and the great mace heist

14 December 2018

What a cack-handed attempt to seize the mace in parliament tells us about the state of the UK

Quitting UNESCO would be an act of cultural vandalism

5 December 2018

Brexit isn't the only way the UK is looking to isolate itself from the world, and quitting UNESCO could have serious implications for Scotland

The Brexit deal is unashamed folly

2 December 2018

The Prime Minister arrived in Scotland on the very same day that financial experts painted a doomsday scenario for any kind of exit from the EU

Sketch: Theresa May's magical mystery tour

30 November 2018

So far Theresa May's tour of the UK has taken in a factory, a university and an agricultural show, but how do you get tickets?

Depression: My year off the gear

29 November 2018

University of Aberdeen lecturer Dr Malcolm Harvey on being off depression medication for a year

Pupil achievements 'a credit to teachers'

11 December 2018

New figures on pupils' achievements in Curriculum for Excellence have been welcomed by the EIS, but Tories have described them as "grim"

EU Continuity Bill was within competence of Scottish Parliament when it was passed

13 December 2018

Supreme Court rules the Continuity Bill cannot become law in its current form because the UK Government has since passed its EU Withdrawal Bill

Q&A with Paul Wheelhouse on fracking, wind energy and fuel poverty

10 December 2018

Q&A with the Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands on the future of Scottish energy policy

The threat posed by climate change is no longer an environmental issue

6 December 2018

From the Bank of England to the Ministry of Defence, non-environmental actors are scrambling to adjust to a warming planet