Job search: a robust labour market masks some sobering forecasts for the economy

20 June 2018

Economic forecasting has consistently shown that Scotland’s employment challenges set it apart from other countries in the UK

Life after #metoo

18 June 2018

In October last year, following publication of allegations of sexual abuse against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, there promised to be a revolution

Getting to know you: Gail Ross

12 June 2018

SNP MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross Gail Ross has a blether with Jenni Davidson

Associate feature: keeping up with the skills requirements of the biotechnology industry is a challenge

19 June 2018

A wide technology base and a range of soft skills are needed for biotechnology, says IBioIC skills programme manager Rachel Moir

Brexit has seen the UK Government’s contempt for Scotland laid bare

18 June 2018

Regardless of whether you think the SNP acted childishly in walking out of the House of Commons in protest, the symbolism was obvious

Visiting Srebrenica filled me with anger and shame

17 June 2018

For too long the story of Srebrenica and the wider atrocities committed during the Bosnia war have been muffled, if not outright denied

Associate feature: Brexit gives us the chance to rethink the way we do business in Scotland

15 June 2018

Finance leaders need technical knowledge supplemented with ethical and professional behaviours in today’s fast-evolving business landscape

Sketch: The dream lives on at the SNP conference

15 June 2018

Sketch: The SNP conference provides a chance to check up on the state of the campaign for Scottish independence

Former Tory leader Lord Hague urges Theresa May to legalise cannabis

19 June 2018

The war on cannabis has been "comprehensively and irreversibly lost", former Conservative leader William Hague has told Theresa May, amid a growing Cabinet row over the drug

Offensive Weapons Bill will stop retailers selling knives to children online

20 June 2018

The UK Government bill will tighten the law around online sales of knives and other potential weapons such as acids

New EU copyright rules could ‘break the internet’, Labour MEP warns

20 June 2018

Labour MEP Catherine Stihler has warned that the changes could harm journalism if they are passed by the European Parliament