The journey from Our Islands Our Future to the Islands Act

11 July 2018

Steven Heddle, former leader of Orkney Islands Council, on how one of the world's first and only place-based laws came to pass

"Where will people live?" How short-term lets are hitting Edinburgh

9 July 2018

The growth in short term tourist lets has led to calls for greater regulation to protect city centres

Tablet gate: Conservative bitterness over a sweet gesture is tone-deaf

6 July 2018

Criticism of Maree Todd's gift to care-experienced young people reeks of the nanny-statism Conervatives normally abhor

Cameron Wyllie on the joys of free bus travel

5 July 2018

Recently retired principal of George Heriot’s School Cameron Wyllie recounts his experiences on the “blessed 26”

Brexit means Theresa May

3 July 2018

Faced with criticism over a lack of detail, Theresa May has expanded on her plans to announce that 'Brexit means Brexit means Brexit'

Glasgow's arms fair reflection was needed

3 July 2018

Glasgow City Council's actions around a recent arms fair reveal a need to ask ourselves if we're part of the problem or part of the solution as the world becomes more unstable

Justice Committee seeks views on pre-recorded evidence for vulnerable witnesses

4 July 2018

The Scottish Government’s Vulnerable Witnesses Bill proposes greater use of pre-recorded evidence from children and other vulnerable witnesses

Crown Estate Scotland announces £4.5m in funding to help rural tenants

16 July 2018

The investment, split over 2017-18 and 2018-19, will be used to construct and upgrade farm buildings and to improve infrastructure