Scottish Greens regional list candidates

Written by Staff reporter on 11 January 2016 in Inside Politics

See who tops the regional lists for the Scottish Greens

Following a ballot of members last March, the Scottish Greens have had their selection of candidates for the regional lists for some time now.

MSPs Patrick Harvie and Alison Johnstone top the Glasgow and Lothians lists respectively, while co-convener Maggie Chapman tops the list in the North East.

Independent MSP John Finnie takes the top place on the Highlands and Islands list, where he will compete against his fellow ex-SNP MSP Jean Urquhart, who is standing for RISE.


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Here the Scottish Greens lists:


1. Patrick Harvie
2. Zara Kitson
3. Sean Templeton
4. Martha Wardrop
5. Patrick McAleer
6. Anni Pues
7. Lee Wallace
8. Kim Long
9. Anna Crow


1. Alison Johnstone
2. Andy Wightman
3. Lorna Slater
4. Peter McColl
5. Alys Mumford
6. Steve Burgess
7. Pat Black
8. Chas Booth
9. James Mackenzie
10. Dan Heap

Highlands and Islands

1. John Finnie
2. Isla O’Reilly
3. Fabio Villani
4. Ariane Burgess
5. Stephen Sankey
6. Anne Thomas
7. Donnie Macleod
8. Michelle Rhodius
9. Topher Dawson
10. Iomhar Fletcher

South of Scotland

1. Sarah Beattie-Smith
2. Eurig Scandrett
3. Pauline Stewart
4. Chris Ballance
5. Laurie Moodie
6. Jason Rose
7. Isla Aitken
8. Philip Grant
9. Tim Clancey
10. Stephen Dickson

Mid Scotland and Fife

1. Mark Ruskell
2. Claire Reid
3. Michael Collie
4. Louise Ramsay
5. Andy Collins

North East Scotland

1. Maggie Chapman
2. Martin Ford
3. Pauline Hinchion
4. Daniel Yeats
5. Debra Storr
6. David Officer
7. Morag Hannah
8. Morgan Petrie
9. Alex Jarvis
10. Gordon Matheson

West of Scotland

1. Ross Greer
2. Veronika Tudhope
3. Steen Parish
4. Yvonne McLellan
5. Ciaran Roarty
6. Fiona Clark
7. Joshua McCormick

Central Scotland

1. Kirsten Robb
2. John Wilson
3. Laura Cameron Lewis
4. Gary Dunion
5. Mari-Ellena Corvi
6. John Kane
7. Jim Connell


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