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Scottish Conservatives 2016 regional list candidates

Scottish Conservatives 2016 regional list candidates

The Scottish Conservatives have published the names of candidates for the regional lists, after members and supporters were allowed to select the order in which they are placed.

With all but seven of the party’s sitting MSPs standing down, the list includes a number of new names including Scottish Secretary David Mundell’s son Oliver, who at second in the south of Scotland list has a good chance of being elected. Legal academic Professor Adam Tomkins tops the Glasgow list.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said: “This has been the most democratic system any of the parties have used to rank candidates for the regional list.


Scottish Labour releases candidates shortlists ahead of the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections

SNP releases candidate lists ahead of 2016 election

“We intend to make great progress in May, and the list vote is going to be vital for getting more Conservative MSPs into Holyrood.

“Now voters can see where their vote will be going if they back the Scottish Conservatives.

“We are the only real alternative to the SNP, and the only party serious about Scotland’s place at the heart of Britain.

“I’m delighted we have such a talented group of candidates on our various regional lists.”

Regional list candidates:


  1. Margaret Mitchell MSP
  2. Graham Simpson
  3. Alison Harris
  4. Andrew Morrison
  5. Callum Laidlaw
  6. Meghan Gallacher
  7. Robyn Halbert
  8. Eric Holford
  9. Anthony Newman


  1. Ruth Davidson MSP
  2. Miles Briggs
  3. Gordon Lindhurst
  4. Iain McGill/Jeremy Balfour (tie)
  5. Nick Cook
  6. Iain Whyte
  7. Sandy Batho
  8. Charles Kennedy


  1. John Scott MSP
  2. Oliver Mundell
  3. Rachael Hamilton
  4. Finlay Carson
  5. Brian Whittle
  6. Michelle Ballantyne
  7. Alex Allison
  8. Lee Lyons


  1. Jackson Carlaw MSP
  2. Jamie Greene
  3. Maurice Golden
  4. Maurice Corry
  5. Andrew Polson
  6. David Wilson
  7. Paul Masterton
  8. Richard Appleton
  9. Graeme Brooks
  10. William McClure


  1. Adam Tomkins
  2. Annie Wells
  3. Sheila Mechan
  4. Kyle Thornton
  5. John Anderson
  6. Graham Hutchison
  7. Thomas Kerr
  8. Taylor Muir
  9. Thomas Haddow


  1. Douglas Ross
  2. Edward Mountain
  3. Donald Cameron
  4. Jamie Halcro-Johnston
  5. Malcolm Mackay
  6. Struan Mackie
  7. Cameron Smith


  1. Murdo Fraser MSP
  2. Liz Smith MSP
  3. Dean Lockhart
  4. Alexander Stewart
  5. Huw Bell
  6. James Reekie
  7. Dave Dempsey
  8. Alex Stewart-Clark
  9. Martin Laidlaw


  1. Alex Johnstone MSP
  2. Alexander Burnett
  3. Ross Thomson
  4. Peter Chapman
  5. Liam Kerr
  6. Bill Bowman
  7. Nicola Ross
  8. Colin Clark
  9. Derek Wann
  10. Seb Leslie
Stay in the know with our fortnightly magazine

Stay in the know with our fortnightly magazine


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