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by Andrew Learmonth
02 November 2021
Row over SNP's 'nation in waiting' adverts aimed at COP26 delegates

Row over SNP's 'nation in waiting' adverts aimed at COP26 delegates

A political row has broken out over SNP newspaper adverts aimed at world leaders and delegates coming to COP26, which describe Scotland as a “nation in waiting”.

Both the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats hit out at the party, accusing them of striking the wrong tone. 

The adverts, which feature a picture and the signature of Nicola Sturgeon, say: “A nation is waiting welcomes the nations of the world.”

“Scotland helped lead the world into the industrial age. Now we’re proud to help lead the world into the net zero age. 

“We’re busy creating  a greener, fairer, sustainable Scotland. While not yet an independent nation, we’re more than ready and able to play our part on the global stage at COP26.”

Tory MSP Donald Cameron said:  “This advert from the SNP is disappointing but very predictable.

“Even when world leaders are in Glasgow to focus on the future of the planet, the first instinct of the SNP is to push their divisive independence obsession.

“No matter how big the issue, the SNP just can’t help themselves – they always focus on trying to break up the United Kingdom. 

“Nations from around the world are coming together at COP26 in a bid to tackle the climate emergency and yet the SNP – whose failure to meet climate-change targets is dismal – would rather talk about separation.”

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton added: "At a time when the world is coming together with the mission of solving the biggest problem humanity has ever faced, the SNP are obsessed with independence and just can’t leave it at the door.

“The eyes of billions are on Scotland, the future of our planet hangs in the balance, and Nicola Sturgeon can’t help herself. 

“This advert is a distraction and divisive. It should be withdrawn.

“COP26 must offer the world new hope for the climate emergency and it must finally cause the Scottish Government to act on a scale that will bring an end to its years of missed targets and opportunities.”

An SNP spokesperson said: “The SNP is proud to be delivering global leadership on tackling the climate emergency.

"We'll leave others to snipe from the sidelines, we're 100% focussed on creating a greener and fairer Scotland and more sustainable planet.”

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