Ministers meet to coordinate plans for Deposit Return Schemes across UK

Written by Liam Kirkaldy on 5 July 2018 in News

Deposit Return Scheme Summit in Scotland House will see ministers from across the UK discuss a set of common principles

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Political leaders from across the UK will meet in London today to coordinate plans for deposit return schemes.

The Deposit Return Scheme Summit in Scotland House will see ministers from each national UK administration discuss a set of principles for the design of the schemes, in which consumers pay a small sum to be paid back when they return a bottle or can.

The Scottish Government announced plans for a DRS in the 2017/18 Programme for Government, while UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove unveiled similar proposals in March.

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said: “Scotland has shown its environmental leadership by becoming the first part of the UK to commit to a deposit return scheme and we are now the first to consult on the detail of how this system can help us tackle our throwaway culture.

“This Summit is an opportunity to work with the UK Government and other devolved administrations to help maximise the benefits of deposit return schemes across the nations of the UK. It’s also a chance to learn lessons from other administrations, such as Wales which has made great progress reducing its household waste.

“Agreeing to a set of principles will ensure that we are all working to common objectives, which provides the basis for further work around the potential for deeper co-operation around the design and operation of a deposit return scheme to reduce litter in our towns and countryside and protect our environment.”

The Scottish Government is currently carrying out a consultation on plans for a DRS, with Zero Waste Scotland taking the lead in coordinating the design of the new system.



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