Lib Dems to offer dads month of parental leave

Written by Kevin Schofield on 12 May 2017 in News

The policy will be unveiled in the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto next week


Father and child - Image credit: unknown

The Liberal Demcorats would offer dads a full month of paid parental leave, the party has announced.

The 'Father's Month' policy will form part of the Lib Dem manifesto, which is due to be published next week.

The party said it would build on the shared parental leave system which was introduced during the years of the Lib Dem/Tory coalition.


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Former Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson – who is standing in East Dunbartonshire on 8 June – said: "The Liberal Democrat introduction of shared parental leave was a massive step towards more equal parenting, and recognising the vital role that fathers play.

“Parents across the UK have already benefitted from greater flexibility and freedom in how they share the care for their new baby.

“But more needs to be done in order to encourage men to take leave when they become a dad, to bond with their child during the early weeks and months of their life.  

“Research shows that fathers being more involved in their children's lives is good for children's development and good for the health and happiness of the whole family.

"That is why the Liberal Democrats want to give dads across the country the chance to spend more time with their children."

Lib Dem business spokeswoman Susan Kramer said: "Creating a fair system for parents everywhere not only benefits new mums and dads but also helps our business sector.

"Having a workforce that is both more flexible and more motivated will benefit UK businesses greatly.

"It is the Liberal Democrats who are standing up for fairness and flexibility for parents. Theresa May has never cared."

Labour has also committed to doubling paid paternity leave from the current two weeks to a month.



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