Inverclyde pitches for Scottish social security agency

Written by Jenni Davidson on 5 August 2016 in News

Inverclyde Council has approached the Scottish Government to propose the area as the location Scotland's new social security agency

Greenock Municipal Buildings - Image credit: Thomas Nugent/Wikimedia Commons

Inverclyde Council has put itself forward as a potential location for the planned new social security agency for Scotland.

The creation of a new national agency for devolved benefits, which is set to administer payments worth £2.7bn, was announced by the Scottish Government in March. 

Now Inverclyde Council has contacted civil servants to propose Inverclyde is a potential home for the agency and to recommend consulting with urban regeneration company Riverside Inverclyde.


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Council leader Councillor Stephen McCabe said: “Inverclyde has excellent transport links, a strong local workforce and locations which could be used to host major employers. 

“When a national agency, organisation or business is looking for a location, Inverclyde needs to be putting its hat in the ring.

“A new national social security agency has the potential to bring jobs and investment to wherever it is headquartered.

“We need to make sure that Inverclyde’s case is put to the decision makers. 

“While it is early stages in the development of the social security agency, it is important that Inverclyde’s name is being considered at the very earliest stages.”

Inverclyde Council said that the initial response from the Scottish Government had been that it was too early for such notifications of interest, but that local authorities would continue to be involved as the business case was developed.



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