Boris Johnson 'to urge Cabinet to back £100m a week extra for NHS'

Written by John Ashmore on 23 January 2018 in News

Boris Johnson will reportedly push colleagues to back an extra £100m a week for the NHS

Boris Johnson: Picture credit - BBC News

Boris Johnson will reportedly push colleagues to back an extra £100m a week for the NHS when the Cabinet meets this morning. 

Sources close to the Foreign Secretary told the Guardian he wanted to neutralise Labour's advantage on the NHS with a bold policy move. 

His proposal would mean substantially less than the £350m a week emblazoned on the side of Vote Leave's bus during the referendum campaign - a figure some prominent Leave campaigners have since distanced themselves from. 

However allies of Johnson insisted his latest gambit was about nullifying one of Jeremy Corbyn's strongest electoral weapons, rather than harking back to the Brexit campaign. 

“Every poll conducted shows the NHS is top of swing voter concerns and every expert says it needs more money. The Cabinet will have to act and the sooner the better," one supporter told the paper. 

“This isn’t about the referendum, it’s about delivering on the number one concern for the public and beating Corbyn at the next election.” 

The source also said Johnson would continue arguing for his proposals as "the Tories simply cannot afford to concede the NHS to Labour".

It follows suggestions that key advisers in 10 Downing St had effectively given up on the debate and wanted to focus on areas such as education and the environment instead. 

A No10 source said the Government had already prioritised the NHS by giving it extra resources. 

“Look at the budget: the NHS got a significant amount of money and although outcomes are improving we want to ensure that progress is secured for the future," the source added.



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