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Holyrood Magazine issue 414 / 3 December 2018

Holyrood Magazine issue 414 / 3 December 2018

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Blue collar Bannon

3 Editor’s note
Remember how pain-free Brexiteers told us exiting the EU would be? A halcyon time when Brexit would simply be a dive into the sunny uplands of global prosperity

6  Roundup 
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point
Leaving UNESCO is cultural vandalism 

9 Digital Highlights
The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content

10 Political Spotlight
Can Theresa May get her Brexit deal through the Commons?

13   Energy: Overview
Despite best efforts in renewable energy, Scotland still relies on coal, oil and gas 

19   Energy: Q&A with Paul Wheelhouse
The energy minister talks climate ambitions, shale gas and choosing a favourite island 

22   Energy: Climate change
As the MoD and Bank of England reassess their footing, climate change is no longer just an environmental issue

24   Interview: Steve Bannon
Trump’s former political strategist is on manoeuvres in Europe

30   Feature: Teaching Gaelic
The expansion of Gaelic-medium education is at the centre of strategies for revitalising the language, but there are challenges 

34 Event Report
Holyrood’s annual SOCITM conference in Edinburgh

36 Comment
Cameron Wylie: Civil partnerships are a good thing

Joan McAlpine on her adventures in genealogy and journalism

40 Diary
Toilet maintenance, getting trapped in parliament and a Game of Goves 

41 Pol & Plates
Shona Robison tells Holyrood about how much she likes soup

42 Last Word
Sketch: Liam Kirkaldy takes a look at the Prime Minister’s desperate whistle-stop tour of the UK

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