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Holyrood Magazine issue 410 / 8 October 2018

Holyrood Magazine issue 410 / 8 October 2018

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Elephants in the room: Things the SNP can never forgetThe class of ’79: Revisiting the SNP conference of 1982Forgotten community: On the road with Scotland’s travellersInterview: ‘Magic’ Magid, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield

3 Editor’s note: What may have begun as Dugdale’s opportunity to give a political nemesis a bloody nose became a proxy for deep-seated battles within the Labour Party, culminating in a bitter reshuffle

6  Roundup: Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks
7 Talking Point: Challenging parental inequality needs a shift in views of parenting
9 Digital Highlights: The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content
11 Political Spotlight: A festival of Britishness hits the wrong tone 

14   Cover Story:  SNP conference overview. The number of elephants in the room at SNP conference is growing
19  First Minister: Nicola Sturgeon. The FM on Brexit and maintaining the party’s focus on the domestic agenda 
23  Roundtable: Reflections on a revolt. Holyrood gathers the class of ‘79 for a reunion
29  Interview: Keith Brown. The depute leader of the SNP on preparing for a Scottish Parliament election, a general election and a second referendum
34  Feature: Travellers. Scotland’s travelling communities face ingrained prejudice and a lack of opportunities
38  Interview: ‘Magic Magid’, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, on taking on Trump

42 Event Report: Attempts to attract more men to the caring professions

44 Comment: Kevin Pringle: It’s become harder for the SNP to craft an uplifting narrative 
46 GTKY: Ian Murray shares an unfortunate case of mistaken identity

48 Diary: Oor Nickie, Labour’s dodgy maths, parliamentary pass pedantry and tram-pedos
49 Politicians and their plates: Rachael Hamilton shares her love of a Sunday roast

50 Last Word: Labour will “decide at the time” whether to allow indyref2, but they already know that decision will be to block it

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