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Holyrood Magazine issue 403 / 7 May 2018

Holyrood Magazine issue 403 / 7 May 2018

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The Holyrood baby, Kirsty, is now two years old and starting to find her feet. Plus: the growth in electric cars and an Interview with John Carnochan, former head of the Violence Reduction Unit

3 Editor’s note
Rape convictions are ridiculously low but to believe the answer is to legally compel victims to give evidence appears, at first take, sheer madness

6  Roundup
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point
Parenting is about more than good intentions

9 Digital Highlights
The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content

10 Political Spotlight
Lots of talk around single use plastics, but how much action?

12   Cover Story: The Holyrood baby at two
Kirsty turns two, but will her mother take up free childcare?

16  Maree Todd: A whole village to raise a child
The Childcare and Early Years minister on being a parent

18  John Swinney: First two years
The Deputy First Minister reflects on tackling child poverty and the attainment gap

21  Johnathan Sher: Child poverty is a choice
We must prevent children being dealt a poor hand

24  MSPs Q&A: Parents in power
A group of MSPs reflect on the experience of being parents

29  Electric Cars: Scotland’s journey
An electric car made it to Mongolia, but is Scotland ready?

32  Interview: John Carnochan
The violence reduction and prevention expert tells Holyrood Scotland is far from being fixed

Neil Bibby frets about football and two grey hairs

38 Comment
Darren McGarvey: A letter to my son, with love  

39 Events
A preview of some of the forthcoming Holyrood events   

40 Diary
A leaflet mix-up, canal heroics and a hot potato

41 Pets
Annie Wells introduces her two four-legged children

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