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Holyrood 503 / 13 March 2023

Holyrood 503 / 13 March 2023

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SNP leadership contest

3 Editor’s note - The normally tight-ship SNP has been plunged into a very public and bruising leadership contest which has given the opposition some great campaigning lines 

5  Roundup - Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks
7 Talking Point - The sandwich that suggests we all need a bit more ‘nothing’ in our lives
8 In Context - Why the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill is proving controversial 

9  Political Spotight: Separation Anxiety - Does the next SNP leader have what it takes to succeed where Nicola Sturgeon failed – delivering independence?
12  Political Interview: Wendy Chamberlain - The Lib Dem chief whip at Westminster on her police officer past, anti-sleaze mission and her take on Liz Truss
17  Women: Health Inequalities - The women’s health champion has been appointed 18 months after the announcement. More urgency is required
20  Interview: Elish Angiolini - The former Lord Advocate on standing up for women’s rights and creating a legal system that works for both sexes
24  Women: The ‘F’ Word - Femicide has increased in Scotland, so why aren’t we talking about it, and what can be done to turn the tide?
27 Women: Sexual Assault - Will revolutionising the way rape survivors are treated lead to better conviction outcomes in sexual crimes? 
30  Women: Toxic Masculinity - A new generation of men are learning dangerous attitudes towards women thanks to social media and the internet
33  Health: Bird Flu - Scientists are concerned that a virus that has devastated wild bird populations could yet pose a risk to humans
36 Event report: Holyrood celebrates its 500th edition
40 Getting to know... Stuart McMillan MSP on being the parliament’s official piper
42 Comment: The SNP leadership race has turned into a slow-motion car crash, says Neil Findlay
43 Politicians’ pets: Stephen Flynn and Angus the dog 
44 Diary: Bad language special: Rishi rebrands Norn Iron and Douglas Ross says sorry to his mum 
45 Political Spin: SNP MP Lisa Cameron on her love of Guns N’ Roses and Iron Maiden
46 Last Word: Sketch: Thermometer pitch heats up the SNP leadership race

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