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Holyrood 498 /

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Denial: n: the refusal of something requested or desired;
the action of denying something.
Political Spotlight: The Supreme Court has left the independence campaign tied up in knots

3 Editor’s note
There has been a reawakening for many feminists, with a realisation that things are not all as they seem. Namely, that matters of equality that were once considered settled have been gradually eroded or removed.
5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks
7 Talking Point
How wealthy is wealthy in the context of accessing healthcare?
8 In Context
The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill

9  Political Spotlight: In Denial
Is Scottish democracy really being denied, or has Nicola Sturgeon just run out of options?
12  TRANSPORT: Killer Roads
Should environmental concerns trump safety fears when it comes to dualling trunk roads the A9 and A96?
18  INTERVIEW: Jenny Gilruth
Scotland’s transport minister has been on a political journey. Where is she taking road, rail and ferry services?
24  TRANSPORT: Hell on Wheels!
Once a major embarrassment, there is finally some optimism about the future of Edinburgh’s tram project
28  TRANSPORT: MSPs’ Journey To Work
Planes, trains and automobiles – how five MSPs get to the Scottish Parliament each week
33  FEATURE: The Other Migrant Crisis
Holyrood speaks to the Scottish law firm acting for refugees stuck in a legal ‘black hole’ in British overseas territory
36  INTERVIEW: Ellie Gomersall
The NUS Scotland president on the rising bills hurting students and why trans healthcare needs improving

40 Event Spotlight: Holyrood’s Climate Emergency Summit 
44 Getting to know... SNP MSP Kenneth Gibson on living in a kibbutz before university 
46 Comment: Sturgeon’s strategy is based on division not unity, says Neil Findlay 
47 Politicians’ pets: Midlothian Council leader Kelly Parry introduces us to her cat, Chewy 
48 Diary: Robotic politicians, Rishi’s attempts to be normal and advice for Jamie Greene
49 Political Spin Liam McArthur shares the soundtrack of his life
50 Last Word: Sketch: Alister Jack has gone quackers

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