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Holyrood 497 / 21 November 2022

Holyrood 497 / 21 November 2022

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Rebel without a cause
Battling with conscience and party
Exclusive interview with
Fergus Ewing

3 Editor’s note
How captured have our institutions become that alarm bells would even be triggered by a purple, white, and green striped scarf?

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

6 Talking Point
The one place any family should feel totally and completely safe – at home – ended up killing Awaab Ishak

8 In Context
The British-Irish Council met this month. What purpose does it serve? 

9  Political Spotlight: The blame game
Does Westminster really bear responsibility for all the Scottish Government’s financial woes?

11  Interview: Fergus Ewing
The former minister on how he found himself on the other side of the argument from his party on gender reform

16  Racism: Addressing the past
Having uncovered countless links to slavery in its past, Scotland must now deal with the racism that has inspired 

20  Overview: Playing for time
Could raising the school starting age to make more time for play be a benefit to the entire education system?

24  The Holyrood Baby: Kirsty at school
At six-and-a-half, Kirsty is in P2 – and the attainment gap is already apparent

25  Interview: Shirley-Anne Somerville
Scotland’s education secretary has embarked upon a reform agenda. Can she make it work for everyone?

30  Comment: Cameron Wyllie
The voices of teachers and pupils are missing from the discussion on education reform

31  Education: Neurodiversity
The pandemic lockdown and the return to school has been difficult for pupils with additional support needs

40 Getting to know...
Conservative MSP Jamie Greene on getting involved in politics early

42 Comment
John Curtice pays tribute to the late Sir David Butler, the “father of psephology” 

43 Politicians’ pets
Conservative MSP Finlay Carson introduces us to his puppy, Corrie 

44 Diary
Creepy-crawly: Matt Hancock goes from health secretary to heartthrob   

45 Political spin
Glasgow councillor Eunis Jassemi shares the soundtrack of his life

46 Last Word
Sketch: Stephen Kerr is 100 per cent not a potato, honest

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