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Holyrood 494 / 10 October 2022

Holyrood 494 / 10 October 2022

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Trickle Down Economics - How The Tories Sunk The Country's Finances

3 Editor’s note
We may even one day be able to discuss all this without fear of being abused, attacked, and even arrested
5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks
7 Talking Point
There are worrying signs the UK Government is preparing to row back on its climate change commitments
8 In Context
Holyrood takes a look at the Scottish Government’s emergency cost-of-living legislation

9  Political Spotlight: Misplaced Truss
The disastrous mini-Budget has shown up the prime minister as being out of touch and out of her depth
12  Interview: Lesia Vasylenko
The Ukrainian MP on why she’s putting the fight for her motherland before being a mother
18 SNP CONFERENCE:  Overview: Party Time
After 15 years of dominance, is the SNP still the vehicle to drive up support for independence?
24 SNP CONFERENCE:  Comment: John Swinney
The deputy first minister says the UK Government’s mini-Budget was a triumph of zealotry over reason
27 SNP CONFERENCE:  Interview: Shona Morrison
The first SNP president of Cosla has survived bin strikes and mudslinging. What’s next?
31 SNP CONFERENCE:  Feature: Indyref2
Voices from the Yes movement give their view on how likely a second referendum really is
34 SNP CONFERENCE:  Interview: Neil Gray
Holyrood’s One to Watch on quitting Westminster for Holyrood and taking charge of Scotland’s refugee response
37  Feature: Seeking Support
Are we doing enough to help young people cope with bereavement

40 Getting to know...
Conservative MSP Roz McCall on her love for cinema and the Gilmore Girls
42 Holyrood Garden Party
All the winners from this year’s awards 
46 Comment
Andy Wightman on why Scotland needs an overhaul of land ownership 
47 Politicians’ pets
Clydebank Councillor Sophie Traynor shows off her black cat, Iris 
48 Diary
Chocolate barred: Jacob Rees-Mogg’s “inappropriately jovial” trip to Cadbury World blocked!49 Political Spin
Daniel Johnson MSP talks 90s indie, French crooners and that infamous New Labour song
50 Last Word
What exactly does the anti-growth coalition have against growing pies?

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