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Holyrood 492 / 12 September 2022

Holyrood 492 / 12 September 2022

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Paisley Pattern - How a town forever scarred by one Tory PM welcomed her spiritual successor

3 Editor’s note
Truss must now, as prime minister, set aside that kind of playground name-calling and show dignity, humility and respect, while also making clear that she is in charge   

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks
7 Talking Point
Is a male period dignity officer really such an outrage? 
8 In Context
The Scottish Government’s Programme for Government 2022/23 
9  Political Spotlight: Liz Truss & Paisley
Her early years in the town were part of her pitch for PM, so what do Paisley’s people make of that?
14  Overview: Justice for all
Community justice is a revolutionary idea, but will cuts across a range of services jeopardise its success?
18  Interview: Teresa Medhurst
The first female head of the Scottish Prison Service on meeting the challenges of the pandemic
22  Justice: The thin blue line
Who will Scotland’s biometric Code of Practice extend to, and how will it work? 
28  Green Pages: Nuclear power
The last nuclear power station in Scotland closes in 2028 – where does that leave energy security and net zero targets?
32  Green Pages: Follow the science
Is the Scottish Government’s opposition to gene-editing the right thing for Scotland’s agricultural sector?
36  Interview: Fintan O’Toole
The celebrated Irish author on why Scottish nationalists should be wary of making comparisons with his homeland

40 Getting to know...
Emma Roddick talks about her sacred keepsakes and irrational fears 
42 Comment
James Mitchell on how the Scottish Parliament lost its way 
43 Politicians’ pets
Councillor Joan Griffiths introduces us to Lulu the Lhasa Apso
44 Diary
The new health secretary has an appointment with Dr Dre and Matt Hancock goes meta
45 Political Spin
Tom Arthur on the trusty floor-fillers from his wedding-band past
46 Last Word
Sketch: Neil Gray defends the Boats for Ukraine scheme

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