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Holyrood 488 / 23 May 2022

Holyrood 488 / 23 May 2022

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Counting the Calories: Will plans to detail calories on restaurant menus tackle obesity?
A spotlight on Aberdeen: A city in transition
Exclusive interview with the chair of the Climate Change Committee, Lord Deben

3 Editor’s note: But this isn’t Salem. This is the 21st century, a time when we thought some battles had already been won

5  Roundup: Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks
7 Talking Point: If we’re ‘global Britain’, why shouldn’t the FM go to the US? 
8 In Context: Nato expansion and the prospect of an independent Scotland joining the military pact

9  Political Spotlight: Northern Ireland - Sinn Fein’s victory in Stormont is not the anti-Union win Scottish nationalists paint it as
11  Local Government Elections: The Deal-Making - The nation has voted, but the real winners of the council elections are only now being decided
16  Aberdeen: A city in transition - Aberdeen has been hit hard by changes in the oil industry; can the energy transition reverse its fotunes? 
24  Political Interview: Lord Deben - The Tory peer on the battle against climate change and the importance of probity in politics  
32  Calories: Counting the Cost - Calorie counts on menus are set to be introduced in Scotland - but what are the benefits and harms?
36  Political Interview: Gillian Martin - The Aberdeenshire East MSP on fighting for a just transition and coming to terms with her past

40 Getting to know...
SNP MP Lisa Cameron talks Jesus and Mary Chain and spider fears 
42 Comment: The cost of living crisis is pushing the pandemic’s “essential workers” to the brink, says Dani Garavelli
43 Politicians’ pets: Clare Adamson introduced her two pups, Frodo and Sam 
44 Diary: Featuring lusty peacocks and successful Swans
45 Political Spin: Pete Wishart MP talks Top of the Pops, Runrig and more
46 Last Word: Sketch: The ruff and tumble of Scotland’s premier dog competition

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