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Holyrood 486 / 25 April 2022

Holyrood 486 / 25 April 2022

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Party Faithful - Just how bad do things have to get before the Tories ditch Boris?

3 Editor’s note
Johnson has undermined all pillars of our establishment, and now operates Westminster like his personal fiefdom

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks
7 Talking Point
Playing professional football should be a privilege, not a right  
8 In Context
What does it mean to be a ‘non-dom’?

9  Political Spotlight: Secret Scotland
What does the SNP’s attitude towards press and media scrutiny mean for accountability and transparency?

11  Overview: 1,2,3, easy as S.T.V.
As postal voting begins, what will determine the outcome of the council elections?

17  Roundtable: Local politics
MSPs get together to discuss their time as councillors and the powers of local government

22  Homelessness: Housing First
Housing First has come of age, but is it achieving what it set out to do?

26  Interview: Sir Angus Deaton
The Nobel prize-winning economist on the ‘deaths of despair’ blighting Scotland and the United States

30  Education: School exams
Exam season is here again, but it’s not just the pupils who are under scrutiny – it’s the exam system itself

33 Political Interview: Natalie Don
The SNP MSP on how growing up in poverty has informed her politics

36 Getting to know...
Douglas Lumsden, the North East MSP who once broke a bus

 38 Comment
Kenneth Murray on the unfairness of credit ratings

39 Politicians’ pets
Amy Callaghan introduces Alfie the dog 

40 Diary
Hair, hair! Michael Fabricant gives Boris his backing 

41 Political spin
Marion Fellows MP on Mario Lanza and The Beatles

42 Last Word
Sketch: Boris Johnson tries to avoid the elephant in the room

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