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Holyrood 484 /

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Hostile Environment
Even as thousands open their homes to fleeing Ukrainians, the UK Government signals that refugees are not welcome

3 Editor’s note
Having borne witness to so many other humanitarian crises across the world, we are faced with the brutality that is happening almost on our doorstep in the Ukraine 

Roundup: Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks
7 Talking Point
Support for Ukraine is welcome, but don’t forget Russia’s domestic victims
8 In Context
The Economic Crime (Transparency and Enforcement) Act 2022 


10  Political spotlight: How does this end?
As the war in Ukraine moves into its second month, a peaceful resolution appears some way off

14  Public Health:  Overview
Case numbers are still high but as Scotland emerges from Covid, what are the next big health challenges?
18  Public Health:  Interview
Public health minister Maree Todd has seen firsthand the impact of the pandemic on the NHS
24  Public Health:  Obesity
Scotland has a problem with obesity and it’s getting worse. Fixing it is going to require a multi-layered approach.
30  Public Health:   Alcoholism
Jamie Greene MSP talks to Joseph Anderson about a life, and a nation, scarred by alcoholism
37 Feature: Miners’ Pardon
Those wrongfully arrested and charged during the Miners’ Strike want more than just a pardon – they want justice

40 Event report
The BHF and Holyrood brought together experts on medical research
44 Comment
It is time to really empower local government, argues James Mitchell
45 Politicians’ pets
Stephanie Callaghan introduces Tilly, Loki and Indy
46 Getting to know...
Sandesh Gulhane MSP talks fighter pilots, sports, and grime music...
48 Diary
A new slumber rule stirs up the Lords and Alex Salmond paddles to victory (he hopes) 
49 Political spin
Neale Hanvey laments his failing vocal range 
50 Last Word
Sketch: Who cursed the Scottish Tories?

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