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Holyrood 479 / 17 January 2022

Holyrood 479 / 17 January 2022

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Showing Racism The Red Card
Young footballers mobilise to address racial exclusion in the game

End of the party: Where now for the Scottish Tories?

Interview: Kate Forbes on the economics of independence

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3 Editor’s note
Almost everything in Scottish politics is viewed through the constitutional lens or where someone is perceived to be on the GRA reforms

5  Roundup  Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point   Not all anti-vaxxers are the same – we should be careful how we label them 
8 In Context: Devo max: The third way?

10  Political Spotlight: End of the party
After a difficult week for the Prime Minister, do the Scottish Tories now need to go it alone? 

12  Overview: The state of the economy
Why is Scotland’s economic recovery from the pandemic lagging behind the rest of the UK?

18  Interview: Kate Forbes
The finance secretary on the economics of independence and the absence of tolerance in Scottish politics

24  Economy: The Wellbeing Economy
Can Scotland move away from the endless cycle of free markets, growth and redistribution? 

27  North Sea: Beyond oil and gas
Ending reliance on fossil fuels is a climate imperative, but what does phase-out mean?

32  Interview: Roz Foyer
The first female STUC general secretary calls for a worker-centric recovery from Covid

35  Cover Story: Showing racism the red card
A group of young black footballers have set up their own team in a bid to kick racism out of the game for good

40 Getting to know...
Siobhian Brown talks Australia and getting scared on the Princes Street ferris wheel

42 Comment
Dani Garavelli on the trial of the Colston Four 

43 Politicians’ pets
Jamie Greene introduces us to Astro the dog

44 Diary
Is a Glasgow MSP quitting Holyrood for Hollywood? Probably not 

45 Political spin
Pauline McNeill reveals her favourite member of Blue 


46 Last Word
Sketch: Boris Johnson waits to hear if Boris Johnson did wrong

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