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Holyrood 477 / 29 November 2021

Holyrood 477 / 29 November 2021

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SNP Conference Special
Exclusive interview with the Minister for Parliamentary Business, George Adam MSP, on making change happen
Tackling toxic masculinity: The focus on tackling violence against women shifts to men
Sturgeon in the Spotlight

Editor’s note: Every life lost is an utter tragedy and their death a completely pointless exercise in upholding a hostile immigration policy 

Roundup: Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

Talking Point: Aberdeen’s newest statue shows that our civic leaders should show more imagination when choosing who to memorialise

In Context: the UK Government’s ‘Glasgow Breakthroughs’, unveiled during COP26
Political spotlight: Covid vaccines: With immunity levels waning and Europe in the grip of a deadly new wave, the booster rollout is key in the run-up to Christmas
Profile: First Minister: Nicola Sturgeon has said she’s not going anywhere until at least 2026, but speculation still swirls about what her next steps will be

Interview: Best Buddy: In a candid interview, George Adam talks about his new promotion and his disappointment in Derek Mackay

Interview: Liam McArthur: The Orkney MSP on giving voice to the under-represented and why the time is right for parliament to reconsider assisted dying

Toxic Masculinity: Following the murder of Sarah Everard, the onus on preventing male violence against women has shifted from blaming the victims to challenging the perpetrators

Getting to know you: SNP MSP Ben Macpherson talks First Dates, The Matrix, and his fear of crocodiles... 
Comment: The SNP’s reputation for competent governance in waning

Politicians’ pets: Elena Whitham introduces Mr Mojo Risin

Diary: Car impersonations, roasted MPs and campaigns for no votes

Political spin: Collette Stevenson on being a punk in her teens

Last Word: A revolution is brewing against Scotland’s Green masters

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