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Holyrood 475 / 1 November 2021

Holyrood 475 / 1 November 2021

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COP26 Special Issue: Glasgow sets the global stage for the UN Climate Change Conference. Including an exclusive interview with the President for COP26, the Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP.

3 Editor’s note
While this has been cast as the UK Government playing politics at Scotland’s expense, all logic tells you that this was not a decision rooted in the politics

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

6 Talking Point
Spiking needs to be taken seriously 

8 In Context
The UK Government’s Nationality and Borders Bill 

10  Overview: COP26 Special Issue
The historic summit on the banks of the Clyde may be humanity’s last best chance to tackle climate change

14  Spotlight: Taking the Temperature
Our poll of MSPs finds them united on the question of climate change, but divided over how to tackle it

20  Interview: Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP
The COP26 President on his hopes for the summit and why his daughters are finally interested in his political career

32  Feature: Out of the mouths...
Children and young people are revolting against an increasingly revolting world

38  Interview: Dr Matthew Winning
The comedian and UCL climate researcher talks about his new book, Hot Mess

42  Feature: Scotland’s homes
The race is on to decarbonise domestic heating systems by 2030, but is the government being too ambitious?

48  Interview: Professor Jim Skea
Scotland’s Just Transition Commission chair on getting to net zero fairly

52  Feature: Disappearing Scotland
The consequences of climate change are being witnessed across Scotland’s fauna, flora and natural landscapes

56  Interview: Sophie Ramsay
Rewilding Bamff has been successful – and controversial

60  Feature: Scotland’s role
Can a country the size of Scotland really lead the world in tackling climate change?

64 Getting to Know You
Elena Whitham on fighting Nazis in Montreal and the joys of dipping rhubarb in sugar 

66 Comment
James Mitchell on the prospect of a Third Way during indyref2 

67 Politicians’ pets
Michelle Thomson introduces Benjy the Border Terrier 

68 Diary
Going off the rails and on the wheels of steel

69 Life Stories
Labour MSP Daniel Johnson on his favourite books

70 Last Word
Sketch: Boris Johnson sacrifices a goat

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