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Holyrood 474 / 18 October 2021

Holyrood 474 / 18 October 2021

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Political spotlight: Boris bakes while Britain breaks. Plus, the Direction of Travel: the future of transport projects in Scotland, including interview with new transport minister Graeme Dey .

3 Editor’s note
A cynical exercise in creating a grievance for advancing both an argument about the Tories being anti-children and the case for more powers

5  Roundup 
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point
Nirvana, New Labour and nostalgia for the 1990s

8 In Context
Should misogyny become a hate crime or standalone offence?

9   Cover Story:  Crisis? Which crisis?
The Prime Minister flies off to sunny Spain as labour shortages leave us facing a Christmas without toys, trees or turkeys

11  Overview: Tunnel Vision
Can Boris Johnson’s government strengthen the UK by improving transport links between the four nations?   

14  Interview: Graeme Dey
The new transport minister on the challenges in his portfolio and how he never meant to end up in parliament

19  Feature: Prostitution
The Scottish Government will struggle to find a solution that suits two vehemently opposing views

22  Interview: Jackson Carlaw
The former Scottish Conservative leader - and our Wag of the Year - talks leadership, resignation and the future

25 Roundtable
Discussing how to heat buildings the sustainable way

28 Getting to know...
Sue Webber talks dream dinner dates in Switzerland

30 Comment
Neil Findlay: It’s time to fix Scotland’s housing crisis 

31 Pets
Councillor Scott Douglas introduces us to Herbert, the miniature dachshund    32 Diary
Special K, Gove-ing it large and banging playlists

33 Life Stories
Fiona Hyslop on the books that have helped shape her life and career

34 Last Word
Sketch: Nicola Sturgeon and Douglas Ross bicker over who is more working class

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