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Holyrood 470 / 5 July 2021

Holyrood 470 / 5 July 2021

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Putting politics to one side: Interview with the new presiding officer, Alison Johnstone, on leaving her party politics behind. Plus, features looking at the future of work, as offices start to reopen, and at evictions in Scotland.

3 Editor’s note
This is a government bereft of principle, devoid of decency and staffed by a collection of bargain basement David Brents

5  Roundup 
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point
Finding peace with the success of the England football team 

8 In Context
A look at the assisted dying bill

10  Political Spotlight:  Exit process
What does it take for a politician to resign these days?

12  Back to Business: The future of work
With hopes high that life is returning to normal, the world of work looks to have been changed forever by the pandemic 

16  Cover Story: Alison Johnstone
Holyrood’s new presiding officer on giving up political ties and building a better parliament

21  Political Interview: Matthew Clark
The former Scottish Lib Dem chief of staff on working together with Labour – now and in the future

24  Feature: Evictions
There was a moratorium on evictions during the pandemic, but many tenants have still faced losing their homes

28 Getting to Know...
New SNP MSP Audrey Nicoll

30 Comment
Why the summer break can be a very different experience for some children in Scotland

31 Politician’s Pet
Scottish Green MSP Maggie Chapman introduces us to her cat, Antonio

32 Diary
Difficult names, embarrassing names and moving like Miliband

33 Life Stories
SNP MSP Jenni Minto shares the significant books in her life

34 Last Word
Sketch: A ban on Andy Burnham sparks a row

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