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Holyrood 468 / 7 June 2021

Holyrood 468 / 7 June 2021

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In the shadow of the black dog: Exclusive survey of MSPs and their mental health. Also interviews with newly appointed minister for mental wellbeing and social care, Kevin Stewart, and newly elected MSP, Emma Roddick, on her experiences with mental ill health.

3 Editor’s note
With an increasingly polarised debate centred around gender identity, it has felt dangerous for some time to hold nuanced views   

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

6 Talking Point
The return of fans to stadiums for Euro 2020 is a promising sight

8 In Context
A look at the SQA appeals system 

9  Political Spotlight: COVID tightrope
Governments must learn from past mistakes if they are to stay on track in this pandemic

11  Political Interview: Sir Geoff Palmer 
The country’s first black professor on why Scotland needs to stop playing down its role in the slave trade

14  Cover Story: Mental health survey
An exclusive Holyrood survey has found MSPs not only struggling with mental ill health but also struggling to get the help they need

20  Government: Kevin Stewart
The newly appointed minister for mental wellbeing and social care says he wants to hear from those affected before he takes any big decisions

24  Interview: Emma Roddick
Despite her young age, the newly elected MSP’s experience of homelessness, loss and mental ill health means she has much to offer at Holyrood

27  Feature: Befriending networks
How lifeline services offer support to Scotland’s isolated and lonely people

30 Getting to Know you
SNP MSP Karen Adam on her love of Elvis and the 1950s 

32 Comment
For all the talk about tackling racism, little will change until the system that holds it all up does too

33  Politicians’ pets
Derek Bibby, a councillor in Renfrewshire, and his dog Monty

34 Diary
Football rivalries and cheesy jokes

35 Last Word
Sketch: Cummings comes clean

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