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Holyrood 466 / 13 May 2021

Holyrood 466 / 13 May 2021

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BACK TO THE FUTURE - First Minister Nicola Sturgeon returns to office with the issue of a second referendum set to dominate the years ahead (2021 election results and political spotlight).

3 Editor’s note
On that day, in that moment, on that street in Glasgow, and in the rain, Nicola Sturgeon was what we all aspire to be

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

6 Talking Point
Allowing people to go on foreign holidays puts our pandemic progress at risk 

8 In Context
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Bill

11  Election ‘21: Political spotlight & results
On the surface, the election changed little, but the sixth session of the Scottish Parliament could be radically different 

16  Comment: The political divide
Former MSPs Ruth Davidson and Neil Findlay reflect on the election campaign and result

18  Interview: Aamer Anwar
The human rights lawyer speaks about George Floyd and racism closer to home

22  Feature: Long COVID
The spotlight on coronavirus could be beneficial for all people with chronic conditions

25  Feature: New Scots
In our occasional series on people that have made Scotland their home, we look at the work of an inspiring charity bringing at-risk academics to safety

28 Getting to Know You
ITV News’ Scotland correspondent, Peter Smith 

30 Comment
Ending the poison of violence against women should be a priority for the new parliament

31 Politician’s pets
Conservative councillor Gail Macgregor introduces us to her cocker spaniel, Bailey

32 Diary
Borders, Sturgeon the Hedgehog and Groundhog Day

33 Life Stories
Conservative MSP Liz Smith discusses her favourite books

34 Last Word
Sketch: Party leaders answer tough questions

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