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Holyrood 465 / 29 April 2021

Holyrood 465 / 29 April 2021

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Election spotlight 2021: Runners, riders and unwelcome guests. Plus: Hostile visitors - who is interfering in our democracy? And 'Get the door, Frank': Janey Godley on humour from a dark place.

3 Editor’s note
Nicola Sturgeon must know that she is being judged less on her ability to enact positive change and more on the failure of others to present a credible opposition

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

6 Talking Point
Gaelic is in crisis and serious investment is now required

8  Political Spotlight: Polls Apart
Exclusive polling shows a country split over independence, with the issue set to dominate the next parliament

12  Election: Foreign interference
What do we know about meddling in our democracy and how can it be tackled? 

14  Election: Disability
How do we increase disabled representation to make it more representative of the country as a whole?

16  Q&A: Party leaders
Eight party leaders answer questions ahead of the election 

20  Interview: Janey Godley
The comedian on the pandemic, poverty and hope for the future

24  Holyrood Baby: Kirsty at five years
The Holyrood baby approaches her fifth birthday

28 Event Report
A closer look at how our hustings unfolded ahead of the election 

30 Getting to Know You
Professor Sir John Curtice talks about hair, holidays and holding grudges 

32 Comment
Now is the time to change the lives of care-experienced people

33 Politician’s Pets
SNP MP Tommy Sheppard introduces his dog, Henry 

34 Diary
Daleks, dinosaurs and doggy heckling

35 Last Word
Sketch: The dark side of Douglas Ross

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