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Holyrood 461 / 1 March 2020

Holyrood 461 / 1 March 2020

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Indy rift: The bitter battle at the heart of the Yes campaign. Plus: International Women's Day - including interview with Baroness Helena Kennedy and a look at women's health inequalities

3 Editor’s note
Scotland is losing its integrity, people. How has this come to pass? 

5  Roundup 
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

6 Talking Point
Choosing to remain hopeful during a global pandemic

8 In Context
What action has been taken on the control of dangerous dogs? 

10  Cover Story: Indy rift
Despite polls showing historic levels of support for independence, the Yes campaign is increasingly divided

12  Interview: Baroness Kennedy
The veteran human rights lawyer talks about tackling misogyny

17  Overview: International Women’s Day
As women face greater hardship from the pandemic, governments must act to avoid entrenching inequalities

21  Focus: Health inequalities
The invisibility of women’s experiences has led to gender biases and discrimination in healthcare

24  Feature: Transport
The sector has been turned upside down in the last 12 months, but there’s an opportunity for a reset and it must be taken

28 Getting to Know You
Sandra White reflects on 20 years in parliament 

30 Comment
Chris Creegan says charities need younger people on their boards 

31 Life Stories
Donald Cameron on why he loves The Chronicles of Narnia

32 Diary
Committee kisses, politics and wrestling collide, and a case of mistaken identity

33 Politician’s Pet
Fiona Sarwar, a councillor in Perth and Kinross, introduces us to her cat, Caesar

34 Last Word
The brand power of Fergus Ewing is strong

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