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Holyrood 458 / 18 January 2021

Holyrood 458 / 18 January 2021

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Interview with Andy Wightman MSP: The art of conversation and the importance of words. Also our annual look at Scotland's economy including interview with Stephen Boyle, the new auditor general for Scotland, and a Q&A with economy secretary Fiona Hyslop.

3 Editor’s note
Two women let down by a complaints process that was meant to support them and the only time they get a mention is when it is politically convenient  

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

6 Talking Point
Home schooling is a nightmarish Groundhog Day

8 In Context
The Welfare of Dogs (Scotland) Bill 

10  Political Spotlight: Salmond v Sturgeon
With just a few months until the election, Alex Salmond is turning the screw on his former friend and deputy

12  Overview: The Economy
There is light at the end of the tunnel for the Scottish economy, but the recent restrictions have been a setback

15  Interview: Stephen Boyle
The new auditor general for Scotland on taking on the role at a time of upheaval for public finances 

21  Q&A: Fiona Hyslop
The economy secretary discusses how Scotland can rebuild  itself following the ravages of the pandemic

26  Cover Story: Andy Wightman
After quitting the Scottish Green Party, Andy Wightman talks about the importance of healthy debate in politics

30  Feature: Housing
Could a fresh housebuilding programme be a way to build back better from the pandemic?

33 Event Report
The 2020 Scottish Public Service Awards

36 Comment
Khaleda Noon on racism and education

37 Politicians’ pets
Renfrewshire councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes and her dog, Charlie

38 Diary
Potholes, pull-ups and penguins

39 Last Word
Michelle Ballantyne shows an understanding of Scottish politics

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