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Holyrood 457 / 14 December 2020

Holyrood 457 / 14 December 2020

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Giving thanks: Exclusive interview with Amy Callaghan MP on resilience, recovery and the importance of hope. Plus our Annual Poverty Special: the rise in child poverty, homelessness and hunger. How inequalities have widened under the pandemic.

3 Editor’s note
It was just six little words – “for the word ‘gender’ substitute ‘sex’”

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point
The puberty blockers case should provoke a rethink in Scotland 

8 In Context
The European Charter of Local Self-Government (Incorporation) Bill 

9  Political Spotlight: Deal or no deal
As time ran out in negotiations, the prospect of a no deal Brexit move closer and closer

11  Overview: Child poverty
With ten years to go until the 2030 targets, now is time for Scotland to recommit

16  Intervew: Bill Scott
The chair of the Poverty and Inequality Commission on destitution, fair pay and his working class background

18  Special Feature: Public Health Scotland
PHS is working toward ‘a Scotland where everybody thrives’ 

20  Focus: Homelessness
The pandemic has shown Scotland can end homelessness with the right political will

23  Focus: The New Poor
The pandemic has pushed many people into financial crisis for the very first time

26  Political Interview: Amy Callaghan
The 28-year-old MP on recovering from a brain haemorrhage and learning to embrace old scars

30 Comment
Yes needs a big win for legitimacy 

31 Politicians’ pets
Glasgow North West MP Carol Monaghan and her dog, Jean

32 Awards shortlist
The finalists of the Scottish Public Service Awards 2020 are revealed 

34 Diary
Rebranding a town and a case of mistaken identity

35 Last Word
Sketch: We should certainly vaccinate Matt Hancock on TV, but with what?

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