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Holyrood 455 / 16 November 2020

Holyrood 455 / 16 November 2020

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You're Fired!: Trump throws a wobbly (Political spotlight P8). Plus, a look at Scotland's Green Recovery including features on infrastructure, offshore wind, and transport and an interview with transport secretary Michael Matheson.

3 Editor’s note
Faced with an existential threat to humanity, it’s still profit, not people, that is to the fore. There is no universality when it comes to saving the world

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point
The discovery of a vaccine raises questions over our priorities 

8  Cover story: Trump, Brexit and beyond
The way America does business just changed and Boris Johnson’s government is having to adapt

11  Overview: Green recovery
Recovery from the COVID pandemic provides an opportunity for a greener, more sustainable future

14  Focus: Offshore Wind
Special feature in association with Ørsted

16  Interview: Michael Matheson
The transport secretary on how lessons learned from lockdown are feeding into active travel policy

21  Focus: Green infrastructure
Is your garden a raingarden? How working with nature can make our towns greener and more sustainable

24  Focus: Transport
A ‘20-minute neighbourhood’ which meets essential needs could help in the fight to reduce emissions

27  Feature: Bereavement education
Should grief and death be covered in the curriculum to help our children understand loss?

30 Comment
Kenneth Murray on the insecurity of relying on private lets for housing

31 Event spotlight
Green Recovery will look at how we secure a net-zero future after COVID

32 Diary
Warning bells, Donald the tattie bogle and stages of post-election grief

33 Politicians’ pets
Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser introduces us to his moggy, Felix 

34 Last Word
Sketch: Alister Jack muses on the precise length of a generation

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