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Holyrood 453 / 19 October 2020

Holyrood 453 / 19 October 2020

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Interview with Diane Abbott, the first black woman to enter the Commons, on racism, the future for Labour and the personal toll of social media abuse. Plus: the employment and skills challenges facing Scotland - including interview with Sandy Begbie, the man charged with implementing the Youth Guarantee, and Q&A with skills minister Jamie Hepburn

3 Editor’s note
A tired old trope from the First Minister, reminding those that hadn’t noticed that this was all about a man  

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point
What we lose when our favourite places are closed down by COVID-19 

8 In Context
The UK Government’s controversial Internal Market Bill  

9  Political Spotlight: Salmond vs Sturgeon
The gloves are off in the ongoing battle between the former and current FMs

11  Feature: Alcohol culture
A look at Scotland’s unhealthy relationship with alcohol

14  Overview: Employment and skills
How the Youth Guarantee and other interventions are needed to prevent a lost generation of young people

19  Q&A: Jamie Hepburn
The skills minister on navigating COVID and Brexit

22  Focus: Pass the mic
Changing the face of the media: meet our new columnists

24  Interview: Sandy Begbie
The man charged with implementing the Youth Guarantee explains how it will work in practice

28  Political Interview: Diane Abbott
The first female black MP discusses racism, the future for Labour and surviving online trolling and abuse

32 Getting to Know You
Sarah Boyack MSP on cycling, books and recycling books

34 Comment
Kirsty Strickland on the upsides of a dry pandemic

35 Event spotlight
Winners of the 2020 Connect Awards 

36 Diary
Sinking ships and taking the biscuit

37 Politicians’ pets
Ian Duncan and his cat, Iggy 

38 Last Word
Liam Kirkaldy on how we may not be safe from Margaret Ferrier anywhere

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