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Holyrood 444 / 20 April 2020

Holyrood 444 / 20 April 2020

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As the lockdown continues, Holyrood takes a look at the frontline workers keeping the country going, including interview with NHS 24 CEO Angiolina Foster. Plus interview with Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf on emergency powers and working from home with a baby.

3 Editor’s note
In this public health emergency, the vital care that care homes provide has been forgotten in the weekly celebration of the NHS 

5  Roundup  
Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point
We parents are not teachers and, my goodness, we are all too aware of it

8  Political Spotlight: Politics is back
As lockdown continues, the need for political scrutiny gets more pressing

10 Overview: On the frontline
Holyrood speaks to some of the people carrying out vital work to keep the country going during lockdown

13 Focus: Emma Harper
The MSP for South Scotland on returning to the NHS

14 Interview: Angiolina Foster
The NHS 24 chief executive on the importance of looking after the staff who are caring for the nation

18 Feature: Domestic Violence
The realities of lockdown for women and children at risk of domestic abuse

20 Political Interview: Humza Yousaf
The Justice Secretary on courts, prisons and the challenges of working from home next to an 11-month-old


23 At a glance: What’s new from the past two weeks

24 COVID research: Medical research is being fast-tracked to respond to coronavirus

26 The infodemic: Fact-checking the coronavirus

27 Getting to know you: Grocer Pete Davidson is struggling to meet the increased demand 

28 Universal basic income: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought fresh calls for a UBI

29 On the [home] desk: Alasdair Allan’s view from Lewis

30 Comment by Chris Creegan: Scotland needs a crisis recovery commission    

32 Diary: £99 cheeseburgers, inspiring windows and flat scones

31 Plates:  Alan Brown and his near-famous curries    

34 Last Word: Virtual parliament could learn lessons from reality TV

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