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Holyrood 440 / 24 February 2020

Holyrood 440 / 24 February 2020

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Health: including interview with Health Secretary Jeane Freeman and features looking at digital health technology, doctors on the frontline, and how Naloxone is saving lives in Glasgow.

3 Editor’s note
There has been an outpouring of grief over the tragic end to Caroline Flack’s life, but it didn’t happen in a vacuum

6  Roundup 
Highlghts from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point
Footy’s back, and women can kick

9 In Context
A new consultation on non-surgical cosmetic procedures

10  Political spotlight: Reshuffles
Change is on the cards both at Westminster and Holyrood after cabinet reshuffles

12  Overview: Digital Health
What does the digital transformation of Scotland’s health and social care system look like in practice?

16  Focus: Doctors on the frontline
Relentless demand, missing drugs and yawning gaps in specialist services are the daily reality for GPs

20  Focus: Artificial Intelligence
How will the growth of AI change health care?

22  Interview: Jeane Freeman
The Cabinet Secretary for Health on trying to look at the bigger picture

28  Night shelter: Naloxone saving lives
Glasgow City Mission’s night shelter and street teams are at the frontline in reducing the city’s drugs deaths

31  Political interview: Andrew Gilmore
The former UN Assistant Secretary-General on human rights speaks about the threats posed by climate change

34 Getting to Know You
The newly-elected MP confesses her passion for Cadbury’s Creme Eggs

36 Event Report
Holyrood’s first cyber security drinks reception was held at the US consulate

38 Comment
Kirsty Strickland on how low skilled often really means low paid 

39 Politician’s pets
Jenny Gilruth and Kezia Dugdale introduce Brodie the Spaniel

40 Diary
Rory Stewart wants to kip with Londoners, an Arbroath street sign draws Auschwitz comparisons

42 Last Word
Sketch: Hiring someone who supports eugenics suggests you have a problem in HR

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