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Holyrood 435 / 6 December 2019

Holyrood 435 / 6 December 2019

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Coming up roses: Holyrood asks the climate secretary if Scotland is doing enough to tackle climate change in our annual Energy issue.

3 Editor’s note

This is an election campaign absent of vision, that hits a new low with every week that passes

6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

8 Talking Point

Speaking Scottish Australian English

11 In Context

Plans for enhanced protection against female genital mutilation

12  Political spotlight: General Election

One last look at how the key figures have played out their campaigns in the media 

14  Overview: Energy

There may be a consensus over the need to move to a low-carbon economy, but exactly how is less clear

18  minister’s comment: Paul Wheelhouse

Scotland’s energy minister describes the future of the nation’s energy mix

20  Interview: Roseanna Cunningham

Holyrood asks the climate secretary if Scotland is doing enough to tackle climate change

24  Opposition: Climate spokespeople

Opposition spokespeople set out what they think should be done differently to address the climate crisis

26  Feature: ‘Not proven’

Why campaigners argue it is time to abolish Scotland’s third verdict

29  Feature: Absenteeism

Absence levels in the NHS and the wider Scottish public sector are a cause for concern

32  Interview: James Morton

Exclusive interview with the manager of the Scottish Trans Alliance

36 Getting to Know You

The Greens’ John Finnie talks his rural upbringing and what he’s looking forward to most in retirement

38 Comment

As we approach a new decade, Chris Creegan appeals for more listening

39 Politicians & their pets

Scottish Labour’s Monica Lennon introduces Cuillin the labradoodle

40 Diary

Beyoncé gets people voting and the Lib Dems offer to insult every home

42 Last Word

Sketch: Jo Swinson’s apparent ambition to launch nuclear weapons is looking increasingly attractive

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