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Holyrood 434 / 25 November 2019

Holyrood 434 / 25 November 2019

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Winter is coming: A look at Scotland’s transport strategy including interview with transport secretary Michael Matheson.

3 Editor’s note

Trust has become a real issue in this election and strangely, while voters may not believe a thing that comes out of Johnson’s mouth, he remains the odds-on favourite to win

7  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

9 Talking Point

The dangers of politicians dabbling in disinformation

10 In Context

The review of freedom of information law

11  Political spotlight: Election countdown

All the parties are keen to borrow votes from those who don’t really support them in this Brexit general election

13  Overview: Transport strategy

The Scottish Government wants to drive down transport-related carbon emissions

17  interview: Michael Matheson

Exclusive interview with the transport secretary on decarbonising Scotland’s transport infrastructure and preparing for winter

22  Focus: Regional Transport Partnerships

The chairs of Scotland’s seven RTPs talk about the key challenges they are facing

28  Interview: The River Man

Glasgow’s ‘river man’ George Parsonage is hanging up his oars

31  feature: Invisible Disability

People with invisible lifelong conditions face judgement every day

34 Roundtable

Holyrood and Nesta in Scotland gather experts to discuss how to make education broader, fairer and smarter

38 Comment

Kirsty Strickland on an election of the men

39 Politicians & their pets

Brian Whittle and his two spaniels, Bailey and Fern

40 Diary

Pizza Express, boxing clever and John Finnie breaks out some bad language in committee

42 Last Word

Sketch: Labour’s manifesto promises will mean nothing until we get our owls

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