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Holyrood 432 / 28 October 2019

Holyrood 432 / 28 October 2019

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Women’s health issue: Battling biology and breaking taboos on menstruation, menopause and maternal health – including interview with Dr Catherine Calderwood, Scotland’s chief medical officer. Plus interview with Simon Fanshaw, the co-founder of Stonewall UK, on whether the organisation is betraying its original purpose

3 Editor’s note

Ruth Davidson’s relatively short-lived foray into the world of politics has been a phenomenal career move

6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point

Extinction Rebellion can be right and irritating at the same time

9 In Context

How could Emergency Barring Orders help protect victims of domestic abuse?

10  Political spotlight:  Brexit Halloween

The spectre of Brexit continues to haunt Westminster

12  Cover Story:  Women’s Health

Women experience health inequalities from a young age

16  Menopause: Breaking the taboo

Politicians open up about their own experience of menopause

18  Interview: Catherine Calderwood

The CMO on increasing access to women’s health services

22  Period poverty: It’s about dignity

Hey Girls on removing the stigma around free period products

24  Heart disease: Battling biology

Women are facing disadvantages from the moment they experience symptoms of heart disease, says BHF

26  Regions: Scottish islands

Despite challenges, the signs are positive of population growth and economic development on the Scottish islands

30  Political interview: Simon Fanshawe

The co-founder of Stonewall talks about his concerns over the lack of debate around the Gender Recognition Act

34 Event Report

Holyrood at the SNP party conference in Aberdeen

38 Comment

Chris Creegan on how knee surgery opened his eyes to accessibility

39 Politicians’ Pets

Stewart Stevenson’s cats are highly skilled hunters

40 Diary

An invite to ‘meet the cast’, Corbyn goes off the rails, and why Derek Mackay got banned from karaoke...

42 Last Word

Sketch: Boris Johnson may not be dead in a ditch but it seems his Brexit deal is stuck in limb

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