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Holyrood 431 /14 October 2019

Holyrood 431 /14 October 2019

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SNP conference issue featuring exclusive interviews with Nicola Sturgeon and Joanna Cherry

3 Editor’s note

The fight for equality is a battle hard fought. But Eva Bolander’s expenses claim has done nothing to help the cause

6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

8 Talking Point

Including everyone in the conversation

11 In Context

Increased oversight of the use of biometric data in Scotland

12   Political Spotlight: Boris on Snapchat

Just when you thought politics couldn’t get any weirder, the PM creates an account on social media’s most intimate platform

14   Interview: Nicola Sturgeon

Exclusive interview with the SNP leader on Boris, Brexit and the next steps for independence

20   Overview: Turning point

SNP delegates meet up in Aberdeen with UK politics in an unprecedented state of chaos

26   Focus: What is nationalism?

Despite nationalism coming to dominate UK politics it is still widely misunderstood

28   Interview: Joanna Cherry

Exclusive interview with the SNP MP who took the Prime Minister to court to stop a no-deal Brexit and won

33   Regional Spotlight: North East Scotland

Over 20 years of devolution, the North East has always found a way to express its unique political character

36 Event Report

A heartfelt roundtable discussion on a new plan to address heart disease

40 Getting to Know You

Lib Dem MSP for Shetland Beatrice Wishart on her love of liquorice and strong women

42 Comment

Dani Garavelli: We must learn from mistakes over child sex abuse scandals without hysteria

43 Politicians & their pets

Pauline McNeill introduces her two German Shepherds, Harry and Charlie

44 Diary

Murdo Fraser's rabbit proof fence, constitutional calculations and other short stories

46 Last Word

Liam Kirkaldy: Heidi Allen’s case may be tragic, but it’s the Lib Demtryists you should worry about

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