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Holyrood 429 / 9 September 2019

Holyrood 429 / 9 September 2019

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Life expectancy has stalled in Scotland, with heart disease still the leading cause of death. Holyrood’s annual health issue takes the pulse of the nation.

3 Editor’s note

With the temperature soaring, it’s galling that the menopause is just seen as yet another thing that women should grit their teeth and get through

6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point

Does the programme for government really count as a green new deal for Scotland?

9 In Context

The key promises in the programme for government

10  Political Spotlight:  Prorogation

The week UK politics entered into uncharted territory

13  Cover Story:  The pulse of the nation

With the NHS under pressure, what can be done to help meet Scotland’s health challenges?

20  Interview: Malcolm Wright

Scotland’s new NHS boss on how a lifetime of experience in the health service has made him the right person for the job

29  Cabinet Secretary: Jeane Freeman

The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport sets out her priorities for reforming the health service

34  Opposition: Miles Briggs

The Conservatives’ shadow health secretary on the need to overcome party politics for the sake of the NHS

36 Getting to Know You: Kirsty Rafferty

Which MSP would the parliament’s barista-in-chief host in her hot tub?

38 Comment

Laura Kelly: Jacob Rees-Mogg’s slouching reveals something deeper about this government

39 Politicians & their Pets

If David Torrance could be any animal it would be a dolphin

40 Diary

The wheels come off the Scottish Tories, puppy power hits Number 10 and there’s a splash at the Scottish Parliament

42 Last Word

How Willie Rennie Mackintosh could prove to be a game-changer for the Lib Dems

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