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Holyrood 428 / 1 July 2019

Holyrood 428 / 1 July 2019

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Scotland’s Tech Hub: including interview with Kate Forbes, The Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy and a closer look at Scottish start-ups and the lessons that can be learned from Silicon Valley

3 Editor’s note

Scotland matters in this contest, but Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt pay lip service to the need to cherish it

6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point

The SNP’s record on education risks being its toxic legacy

9 Digital Highlights

The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content

10 Political Spotlight

The prospect of Boris Johnson as PM is bad news for the Scottish Tories

12   Special Feature: Health improvement

The challenges facing the health service have changed, and so has Healthcare Improvement Scotland

15   Overview: Tech nation

There are many opportunities for the tech sector in Scotland but it is important that it is used ethically for the greater good

19   Focus: Scottish start-ups

Scots living in Silicon Valley want to return home but are afraid there aren’t enough opportunities to warrant moving back

22   Interview: Kate Forbes

The Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy on her journey into politics

29   Year 20 interview: Sir Paul Grice

Exclusive interview with the outgoing chief executive of the Scottish Parliament on devolution so far

32 The Holyrood Garden Party

Celebrating the best of the year Scottish politics          

38 Comment

Us-and-them infects all of the political spectrum           

39 Upcoming events

A look at Holyrood’s  future policy events         

40 Diary

An obsession with buses, the Queen bee and WAGs

41 Politicians’ Pets

Liam McArthur struggles to keep a hold of his spaniel, Gerry

42 Last Word

Sketch: Liam Kirkaldy on how Ross Thomson has transformed Boris Johnson’s campaign

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