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Holyrood 417 / 28 January 2019

Holyrood 417 / 28 January 2019

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The devolution generation: Those who share a birthday with the parliament share their views on the last 20 years. Including an interview with Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh and his son Douglas and comment from children’s minister Maree Todd. Also in this issue: Interview with Larry Flanagan, EIS General Secretary

3 Editor’s note

We live under a system of Orwellian immigration laws with hostility baked in, that largely finds immigrants guilty until they can prove otherwise

6  Roundup

Pictures and numbers from the past two weeks

7 Talking Point

Hoarding does not give you joy

9 Digital Highlights

The best of Twitter and Holyrood’s online content

10 Political Spotlight

We are stuck in a Dante-esque Brexit limbo

14   Overview: Devolution generation

Those who share a birthday with the parliament have experienced an unprecedented journey through life

20  Interview: Ken and Douglas Macintosh

Presiding officer Ken Macintosh and his son Douglas, born days before his father’s election, share their views of the last 20 years

26  Minister’s comment: Maree Todd

The children’s minister reflects on the last 20 years for young people in Scotland

29  Political interview: Larry Flanagan

As Scottish teachers prepare to strike, Holyrood speaks to the leader of the country’s biggest teaching union

34 Year 20: Profile

Holyrood speaks to SNP MSP Sandra White about the early days of devolution

36 Comment

Laura Kelly on the danger posed by so-called ‘pick up artists’


Labour MSP Anas Sarwar explores his greatest fears

40 Diary

Fast food, pancake ban and historical inaccuracy

41 Pol & Pets

Christine Grahame reveals how she and Mr Smokey ended up together

42 Last Word Holyrood 418 / 28 January 2019

Sketch: Sajid Javid’s attempts to welcome Europeans are being undermined by his attempts to deport them

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