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by Staff reporter
08 February 2016
Scottish Labour candidates for the regional list

Scottish Labour candidates for the regional list

Two former MPs who lost their seats in last year's general election look to be heading to the Scottish parliament, after Labour revealed its candidate list for the regional list vote in May's election.

Anas Sarwar, who lost his Glasgow Central seat to the SNP's Alison Thewliss last year, tops the Glasgow list and former Dunfermline and West Fife MP Thomas Docherty also looks to be heading to Holyrood after he was placed third on the Mid Scotland and Fife list.

Leader Kezia Dugdale and Deputy leader Alex Rowley top their respective lists automatically, but all other candidates were selected by one member one vote, then reordered to ensure gender balance.

Some incumbent MSPs look to be losing their seat after being placed far down the lists. GMB trade unionist Richard Leonard tops the central list.


1. Richard Leonard
2. Monica Lennon
3. Mark Griffin
4. Elaine Smith
5. Craig Martin
6. Margaret McCulloch
7. John Pentland
8. LizAnne Handibode
9. Michael McMahon
10. Siobhan McMahon
11. Hugh Gaffney
12. Angela Feeney


1. Anas Sarwar
2. Johann Lamont
3. James Kelly
4. Pauline McNeill
5. Bill Butler
6. Patricia Ferguson
7. James Adams
8. Soryia Siddique
9. Paul Martin
10. Samantha Ritchie
11. Hanzala Malik
12. Anne McTaggart

Highlands and Islands

1. Rhoda Grant
2. David Stewart
3. Leah Franchetti
4. Sean Morton
5. Sarah Atkin
6. John Erskine
7. Robina Barton
8. Gerry McGarvey


1. Kezia Dugdale
2. Neil Findlay
3. Sarah Boyack
4. Daniel Johnson
5. Lesley Hinds
6. Jalal Chaudry
7. Cat Headley
8. Bernard Harkins
9. Eilidh MacDonald
10. Shami Khan
11. Ann Henderson
12. Richard Corral

Mid Scotland and Fife

1. Alex Rowley
2. Claire Baker
3. Thomas Docherty
4. Cara Hilton
5. Craig Miller
6. Johanna Boyd
7. Jamie Glackin
8. Jayne Baxter
9. Jim Leishman
10. Lesley Laird
11. Altany Craik
12. Mary Lockhart

North East Scotland

1. Jenny Marra
2. Lewis MacDonald
3. Lesley Brennan
4. Richard McCready
5. Sarah Duncan
6. Willie Young
7. Alison Evison
8. Frank Gilfeather
9. Joanne McFadden
10. Nathan Morrison

South Scotland

1. Iain Gray
2. Claudia Beamish
3. Colin Smyth
4. Carol Mochan
5. Kenryck Lloyd-Jones
6. Fiona O’Donnell
7. Andrew Cochrane
8. Fiona Dugdale

West Scotland

1. Jackie Baillie
2. Neil Bibby
3. Mary Fee
4. Ken MacIntosh
5. Johanna Baxter
6. Joe Cullinane
7. Siobhan McCready
8. Martin McCluskey
9. Moira Ramage
10. Mark McMillan
11. Gail Casey
12. Paul Sweeney

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