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Politicians and their plates: James Dornan

Politicians and their plates: James Dornan

The SNP MSP for Glasgow Cathcart talks us through his culinary habits, from his most memorable meal to an interesting revelation about the foods that he would never eat.

Describe your favourite plate of food.  

My recent favourite is a juicy oven-baked chicken breast dish, using brown sugar and a variety of herbs.

Why is it so special? 

It takes no time at all to cook and was my first foray away from more traditional mince and potatoes, roast chicken type dishes.

Who have you shared this plate of food with and what was the occasion? 

My partner Elaine and I were first to have it on one of the rare occasions we had the house to ourselves, a few months ago.

More generally, what’s your most memorable meal and why? 

On a parliamentary visit to Taiwan we were taken to this beautiful outdoors restaurant where we were given a 15-course meal. To be honest I couldn’t eat a number of the more exotic dishes, but the presentation of the whole meal was astounding.

Have you ever had any culinary disasters? 

Far too many to mention.

What would be your last meal of choice? 

My mum’s homemade soup, steak pie and potatoes, pears and ice cream and a double espresso.

What’s your comfort food?  

Rolls and sausage, toast and tomatoes or a salmon pasta.

Is there any plate of food that you would never eat? 

I can’t eat melted cheese, so I suppose a macaroni and cheese or pizza. Also, any seafood dish. 

What is your favourite thing on the parliament menu? 

Soups are always great and of course as we have just had Burns Night, I can’t leave out the fantastic haggis dishes which are often served.

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Stay in the know with our fortnightly magazine

Stay in the know with our fortnightly magazine


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