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by Staff reporter
08 September 2021
Politicians and their Pets: Pam Duncan-Glancy and her dog Tony

Politicians and their Pets: Pam Duncan-Glancy and her dog Tony


Is Tony named after anyone in particular? 
The name was inspired by two figures called Tony in the Labour Party, and it depends on which day it is as to which one he channels. He’s the unity dog.

How long have you had him? 
We’ve had him for four years, since he was a puppy. We’re planning to have a special dinner for his birthday with one of those doggy cakes.

Where did you get him from? 
We got him from a breeder in Dumfries who had advertised on Facebook. It was after the General Election in 2017 and I had been promised a puppy if I won. Obviously, we didn’t win in that election, but people took pity, so I got the dog anyway. 

What do you love about him? 
He’s the cuddliest dog I have ever known. When he was younger and we were trying to train him, I wanted to end up with a really lazy, cuddly dog and that’s what he is! When he’s out and about in the park, he’s obsessed with his ball. Because we’re both in wheelchairs, he’ll roll his own ball down a hill and then chase after it himself.

What special talents does he have? 
His special talent is avoiding being run over by both of our wheelchairs. When he was around 14 weeks old, Hugh just caught his paw with his wheelchair. In an electric wheelchair when you move the joystick, it makes a clicking noise. Every time Tony hears that, he moves away – he was socially distancing before it was fashionable. He never gets in the way and sometimes when he sees other people in wheelchairs, he runs up to them thinking it’s us – it’s quite cute.

What are his most annoying habits? 
He likes stealing underwear, either from the washing machine, the laundry basket or the radiator. Either way, he likes to take them and give them to people as presents. 

What’s the worst thing he has done? 
He’s a really good boy. I know I sound like a proud parent.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever bought or done for him? 
Probably a sausage supper. 

What’s your first pet or animal-related memory? 
We had lots of pets when we were growing up. We had Yorkshire Terriers, one called Buttons, one called Snoopy and then a third one called Jake who my sister took following the death of my mum and dad. Jake and Tony just about tolerate each other. 

What would your dream pet be? 
I obviously need to say Tony because he’s within earshot. I also quite like Brian Griffin from Family Guy, I feel like I’d get on quite well with him. 

If you could be any animal what would you be? 
I’d be a dog, specifically Tony because he’s living the dream – going on walks, getting cuddles and even the odd sausage supper. 

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