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Politicians and their pets: Jon Molyneux

Politicians and their pets: Jon Molyneux

Pet’s name?

Greta. It was obviously prescient of us to name her after the then would-be climate activist. The fact we got her from just outside Gretna was coincidental


Just a plain old moggie.



How long have you had her?

Since she was a kitten.

Where did you get her?

From a farm outside Longtown. She’s a Cumbrian émigré like me.

What do you love about her?

The moment when she seeks us out at night, once the kids have gone to bed, to curl up on our laps, even just for a short time. That’s when she can be the centre of attention.

Does she have any special talents?

Eating. She’s been on a special diet for most of her adult life. We suspect she was somewhat traumatised after being rescued from our old flat during a fire. It was a bitterly cold Christmas and we came home after a night out to find the street cordoned off. We told the firefighters where her basket was and they brought her down to us, smoky but pleased to be reunited with us. We were homeless for five months after then and she went to stay with my in-laws in Edinburgh where she gained a lot of weight that hasn’t really shifted since.

Any tricks?

She has a knack for getting into locked food waste caddies if there are delectable (in her view) contents within.

What is her most annoying habit?

Her temperament can vary quite wildly with little or no notice, so affection can quickly become attack. The positive spin would be to say she has a great deal of character.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever bought or done for her?

I honestly don’t think I ever have bought or done anything ridiculous.  Greta may beg to differ.

What’s the worst thing she’s ever done?

She was caught stealing chocolate during her aforementioned Edinburgh residency.

Do see yourself as a pet owner or a pet parent?

Parent, though not a terribly successful one.

What would be your dream pet?

A Border Collie. Hill days have been few and far between since having kids and I have misty-eyed notions of rekindling my Munro-bagging in years to come with a canine companion.

If you could be any animal what would you be?

Preferably something at the top of the food chain! Perhaps a reintroduced lynx.

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