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by Staff Reporter
10 May 2024
Meghan Gallacher: My dad got me into Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd

Meghan Gallacher | Alamy

Meghan Gallacher: My dad got me into Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd

What was the first record you bought?
It was Evanescence, Fallen, I think I was maybe around 11 or 12. I bought it in WHSmith in Hamilton and my gran took me to buy it. It was back when you used to watch the music stations on TV; that was probably the biggest source of finding new music. The song Bring Me to Life was a huge hit at the time. That was me sold – I had to go out and buy the album and I have been a fan ever since. 

What record will always get you on the dance floor? 
This one is probably a little more cringe, although it has made a comeback recently so I’m quite happy about that. It’s Murder on the Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis-Bextor. It’s back in the charts so I’ve been enjoying that revival over the last few weeks and months. 

What is your karaoke song? 
I have always loved The Cranberries, they’re one of my favourite bands. My favourite song is Zombie, so that’s my usual go-to karaoke song. It’s quite a difficult one to sing but my husband says I’m good at it – although I would probably disagree with that. If he says I’m good at it, I’ll just take his word for it. I’ve not done it a party conference yet but if the opportunity presents itself, I’ll definitely give it a good go. I do enjoy the social aspect of conference, so if everyone else is giving it a go, you may as well get stuck in. 

What songs do you want played at your funeral? 
There’s probably two – Queen, Who Wants to Live Forever or Metallica’s To Live is to Die. I’m a metal fan. I enjoy going to Download festival and I’ve always really enjoyed rock and metal music – it’s just always appealed to me. 

What music is guaranteed to make you cry? 
It’s always Linkin Park because the lead singer [Chester Bennington] passed away under really tragic circumstances. The music just always appealed to me. In the End is the song that is probably most likely to make me cry or Numb, which is another one that will bring a tear to me eye. 

What music would you always associate with your childhood? 
My dad had a huge influence on me and would always be listening to bands like Black Sabbath or Pink Floyd. I try to go to gigs when I can, but they are now few and far between as I have a two-year-old. My dad is probably my biggest music inspiration. Me and my dad have been to see Black Sabbath, and I’ve always been a huge Ozzy Osbourne fan. It’s music that always takes me back to my childhood. 

What record do you absolutely hate but can’t get out of your head? 
It would probably be a Disney song because my two-year-old is absolutely obsessed with Frozen at the moment. The song in particular is Let It Go, which is one of those you just love to hate. If we’re watching a movie together, my husband and I are always desperately trying to get her to pick something else. 

What record would you be embarrassed to owning up to having in your collection? 
I went through a phase of absolutely loving Scooter. They remixed The Logical Song, and that’s one I still have today. I’d probably say I’m a wee bit embarrassed about that – I don’t think it’s aged very well. I don’t even know how I would describe their music – it’s dance music, but more rave/techno which is quite strange when I’m used to listening to heavy metal. Don’t get me wrong, if I was on a night out and it came on the dancefloor, I would probably still dance away to it.  

Is there any music you would listen to ahead of a big debate in the parliament?
I’m one of those quiet Swifties fans and Taylor Swift’s music is really empowering so I might listen to a bit of her music beforehand. 

What was the last band you went to see and who with? 
It was the Australian Pink Floyd at the Hydro and I went with my dad, my husband and my uncle. I always like Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Pigs, which is about politicians – that can sometimes be funny if I get a side-eye from my dad and my uncle.

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