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by Staff reporter
31 March 2023
Councillor Euan Jardine: Politicians and their pets

Euan Jardine with Lulu and Jenny

Councillor Euan Jardine: Politicians and their pets

What are you pets’ names? 

Jenny and Lulu.

What breed are they? 

Jenny is a border collie and Lulu is a Jack Russell.

How old are they? 

Jenny is 12 and Lulu is eight.

How long have you had them? 

Since they were both puppies.

Where did you get them? 

I got Jenny from my brother, who is a shepherd, and Lulu from his friend. 

What can they do? 

Jenny runs faster than 100 Usain Bolts and Lulu barks at her own shadow but secretly loves tummy rubs more than I love the Kansas City Chiefs.

What do you love about them? 

Jenny is the sweetest dog on the planet and could hear a ball bounce in Australia. Lulu is pretty lazy and loves to snore, but when she gets active, she chases her tail better than most politicians.

What special talents do they have? 

Jenny is incredible at catching and tearing a ball apart within ten seconds. Lulu has an astonishing talent for climbing on top of furniture and falling off without a scratch.

What’s their best trick? 

Lulu stands and dances on her two back legs like a circus bear when she wants to eat my food, and Jenny can open and close the door when she wants outside.

What are their most annoying habits? 

It has to be when Jenny hides her food from Lulu and then takes hours to eat it. As for Lulu, she will bark at everyone she sees on a walk.

What’s the worst thing they’ve done? 

Jenny has chewed some of my sports memorabilia over the years, thinking it’s just a standard ball. Lulu loves to scrape up the newly planted seed beds every single year. 

Do you think of yourself as a pet parent or pet owner? 

Pet owner.

What’s the most ridiculous thing you have bought or done for your pet? 

I have spent too much money over the years on new football and rugby balls for Jenny to destroy in minutes, but her face and excitement when she sees them never cease to make me smile. As for Lulu, she likes to eat and sleep, so she gets the best bedding.

What’s your first pet or animal-related memory?

I think the first real memory was of an old white poodle called Wendy that used to meet my siblings and me from the school bus and walk behind to keep us safe. Although I remember her as white, my mum is sure she was black. So I guess it’s a memory so old it’s in black and white.

What was the first pet you ever had? 

My first pet was a guinea pig whose name I can’t remember or know much about, but there are several pictures of me holding it. 

What would be your dream pet? 

I would love a dragon, but I am from the Scottish Borders, not Westeros, so I will say that Jenny and Lulu are my dream pets.

If you could be any animal what would you be? 

I’m quite short, so I wouldn’t mind being a giraffe.

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