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by Graeme Gordon
16 July 2015
Google vice president takes Aberdeen into the future

Google vice president takes Aberdeen into the future

IFB were privileged to have Vint Cerf (pictured right), who is regarded as one of the fathers of the internet, officially open our new headquarters last month.

A truly inspirational man who explained an overwhelming account of the development of the internet from first time digital data packets to what is happening today and what is in store for the future.

As Google vice president and chief internet evangelist, Vint took the audience on a journey beginning in 1969 when he, plus a team of others, created the TCP/IP protocol and architecture of the internet.

Back then, he did not envisage connecting fridges, smart lightbulbs or driverless cars, but they are here. Today there are half a million networks, three billion people and five million devices globally on the internet.

The internet has now became a commodity product, with full coverage almost expected. We forget just how far it has come.

Connectivity and the internet is so important in our lives today. It gives us the tools to assist us in a ways we could not do on our own. Technology, now more than ever before, is enabling us to do thinks quicker, smarter and continues to open up paths and opportunities – it really is an exciting, interesting time for the tech industry.

The increase in bandwidth means that there is now the capacity to enable applications to be useful, relevant and accessible.

One of the outputs of all this connectivity and internet coverage is the data created. Vint explained how he has a connected wine cellar that sends him a text message when the temperature or humidity changes. He then uses this data, gathered over a year-long period, to spot the trends and minimise the risk for the future.

This can be and is being applied to businesses, individuals and communities for a whole range of reasons that can improve performance and reduce risks  the possibilities are endless.

So what is next for the internet? Is the internet and devices going to remove the need for humans and take over our jobs? Vint does not think so.

Vint concluded his presentation by blowing our minds with his most recent project of interplanetary internet and connecting to planets light years away using lasers. Out of this world, I think you would agree.

Graeme Gordon is chief executive of internet service provider IFB. 

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