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Associate feature: Are you climate literate?

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Associate feature: Are you climate literate?

It is a defining year for climate change. The year COP26 – the global conference on climate change – is coming to Scotland.

As a nation we’ve declared a climate emergency. We have an ambition to create a Net Zero Nation. We have an updated Climate Change Plan. We have committed to a green recovery and a just transition.

But how many people in Scotland know what ‘net zero’ means; let alone how to help Scotland achieve the target to be so by 2045?

Every one of us has the power to take positive action, and the majority of people want to, but don’t know where to start. Many are still unaware of the science, the problem, the reality.

The enormity of the climate emergency can feel over-whelming. It can make people feel confused and anxious. Many are in denial. It can be difficult to believe we can individually make a difference.

But it is possible to do something positive. And as your environmental charity, Keep Scotland Beautiful is ambitious and hopeful. Nudging people towards action, we believe starts with sharing knowledge, building confidence and fostering skills – we call this becoming climate literate.

We offer Climate Emergency Training which has already helped swathes of people across Scotland – from individuals and community groups, to educators, councillors and business leaders. We are creating a community of climate influencers, climate champions within business, and young climate pioneers of the future.

Our training is led by climate change experts and provides useful, practical information based on up-to-date information, highlighting the positive things we can do.

Political leadership to combat climate change is essential, but without individual commitments to a more sustainable lifestyle, and the ability to make those choices, it is unlikely to work.

So, ask yourself, are you climate literate? If not, get in touch with us today.

Catherine Gee is deputy chief executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful. This piece was sponsored by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

Stay in the know with our fortnightly magazine

Stay in the know with our fortnightly magazine


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